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The National Anthem has been the unofficial start of sporting events, for decades. Before any first pitch, tip of the ball or kick off, those in attendance stand and obverse the playing of our National Anthem. Some sing, some place a hand over their heart, and in protest there are those that will take a knee.

Now comes the age of removal and "cancel culture." I'm not going to get into specific reasoning and opinions, but the National Anthem has in fact been removed from some amateur and professional sporting events. The latest is the Dallas Mavericks of the NBA went weeks with it removed before someone noticed, and the owner was forced to make a statement about it.

What happens if the National Anthem is removed from sporting events, locally? Obviously we aren't going to these events right now, but that return in soon. You go to an Rockford IceHogs game, or a Boylan High School Basketball game...and there is no anthem. Would no anthem change your opinion about that school or organization that is hosting the event?

Would you be offended, would you be ok with it? Would you even notice. What would Dr. T do before games?

There is something about being at a sporting event and watching a veteran or an active military person stand and salute the flag. All of their work, their passion, their commitment is on display. But what if that disappears?

So here is our poll question:

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