Ouch! Sunburn it's the worst and it's inevitable we will get burned at some point this summer like I did.

I heard shaving cream can help. I'll show you how to treat your sunburn with shaving cream and find out does this method work?

Before we jump into the video you need to know this.

You can use any brand of shaving cream as long as it is menthol and is the foam kind. Do not use the gel kind.

This is what I used.

Susan Tyler;Townsquaremedia
Susan Tyler;Townsquaremedia

Now here's what I found out after slathering the shaving cream on my burned legs and then having to sit still for 30 minutes.



I'm quite impressed by this method. It worked for me.

I even tried it again this morning on my legs and it continued to take the heat and sting away from my burn.

The only sort of down side to this is that you will smell like a guy and you need to be still for 30 minutes while you let the shaving cream do it's thing.

That could be hard if you use it on a child.




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