Spring has sprung in Rockford, and so have all the garage sale signs. Getting great deals at local garage and yard sales is an obsession for many, but actually having one is a lot less desirable. If you have loads of quality stuff you need to get rid of, and the thought of putting together a garage sale makes you sick to your stomach, (hand raised here) try having an online sale!

I've never been much of a garage saler myself, that is until I had a child. Kids need a lot of stuff and they don't use it for long, so garage sales are a great way to get quality clothes and toys and that still have a long life ahead of them all for really great prices. Sad fact is, I still dislike driving all over town hitting up garage sales on the weekend. That is why I'm now in love with all of the great Rockford resale groups I have found on Facebook.

Here's just a few that I've found:

You need to request to join each of the above resale groups, and I'm sure several more exist that I am not aware of. Great deals pop up everyday, so be sure to keep your eyes on each of them frequently!

Now, if selling your stuff on website groups such as these is more what you're after, here's some helpful tips from savingsangel.com on how to make the most money with an online yard sale:

  • Get Ready to Sell - Go through each room and closet in your home and collect things you want to get rid of.
  • Take Pictures - Take individual pictures of everything you are selling or decide what you want to sell as a group and take one picture of the entire lot. Choose simple light backgrounds for darker items, and a dark background for light items to ensure best visibility.
  • Set Prices - Decide what you want to sell each item or group for, and if you want to accomplish two things at once, write the price and size of the item on a notecard to place next to it before you take a picture of it.
  • Start Listing - Come up with a good, descriptive title to best attract buyers. List the size, price, and most importantly, the condition of the item in each listing. Personally, my eyes always gravitate first to items that are marked as "excellent used condition" or "EUC".

Each group has certain rules or procedures for selling, so be sure you are fully aware of them before you start listing your items. Also, be sure to give out as little personal information as possible when communicating with buyers. Be sure to meet in a public place (which a companion if possible) when exchanging your items for money, and make sure to ask for exact payment in cash so no change is needed.