One of the things I love about these cool and comfortable summer days is it's time for garage sales.

In fact, on my way into work this morning I passed by at least 6 different signs on Guilford Road pointing towards garage sales.

If you are in the process of de-cluttering and think that holding a garage sale would be best, before you start check out this checklist for "how to have a great garage sale".One of the useful tips in that checklist is to Stage your sale. Just as you would when selling your house. You have to make the sale look inviting for customers. So, before clearing space in the garage and setting up tables, make sure you set your nicest and biggest items out in an attractive way and it's guaranteed to bring people in.

Another tip is to make sure all who are helping you with the sale are clear on the pricing of items. You do not need an awkward moment of deciding at the last minute on what your are going to sell something for.

For more helpful tips take a look at this checklist of 10+ things to do to have a successful sale.

Good luck!


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