In case you didn't know, mail doesn't run on Sundays. AKA that means sometimes having to wait an extra day for that package you've been dying to get in the mail.

Well, one delivery company wants to make sure you always get that package when you want it, even on Sundays. Fedex announced that it will start delivering packages seven days a week starting January 2020.

The Chicago Tribune details -

The company is also taking back nearly 2 million daily deliveries to homes that are currently handled by the post office in a move it says will increase the efficiency of its own network.  The Memphis, Tenn.-based company announced the changes Thursday. It was just last September that FedEx expanded to six days a week for most of the year, although it had previously run on some Saturdays and Sundays around Christmas. The company said it will add year-round Sunday service for "a majority" of the U.S. population.

I'm just going to assume Illinois is part of the "majority". So starting January 2020 we'll be getting our packages all week long.

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