It really wasn't a fair fight. In a face-off between a delivery truck and a potted plant, the vegetation really never stood a chance. A family's security camera captured the moment.

The short version of what happened is this. A delivery driver from Amazon forgot to put the parking brake on, got out of the vehicle and the potted plant next to the home got blasted. Here's what the very ticked off owner had to say about this encounter:

Amazon driver got out of the car but didn't put it in park. He hit my house and killed my planter. He took a picture but left without notifying me. Twenty-four hours later I call Amazon and they have no record of this. They are making it very difficult. I'm going on two weeks, and they are dragging their feet and don't want to do anything!

Hello, Amazon driver. The parking brake is your friend. By the way, this happened in Frankfort, Illinois.

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If you've ever tried to file a claim with Amazon, you understand the struggle is real. The fact that there is security camera video is helpful, but will likely require a lawyer to get anything done.

If you'd like to view this as a glass-half-full sort of thing, at least the delivery truck didn't smash into the home and/or garage door. A potted plant is easier to replace than something more major.

Easy for me to say since it isn't my home. Sucks for this Illinois home owner though.

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