If you're feeling mighty hungry right now, I must apologize for what this article might do to your appetite...

Important Things to Know About the Cicada Invasion in Illinois

"Seventeen Year Cicada On A Leaf From Virginia, USA.Shot with cell phone."
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In the last few weeks I have learned more about cicadas than I ever cared to know:

  1. The cicada brood that will be emerging from the ground in Northern Illinois will equal out to about 1 1/2 million cicadas PER ACRE!
  2. The cicadas should begin to emerge in late May and will then stick around for about 4 to six weeks mating, laying eggs, and singing.
  3. Cicada shells will be spotted everywhere, especially around the bases of trees, and there may be so many collected that you will have to use a SNOW SHOVEL l to remove them.
  4. Cicadas pee a LOT, and it's a sticky mess, so don't sit directly under trees once they have arrived.

Can You Prevent Cicadas From Taking Over Your Yard?

The short answer is; no.

Cicadas cause no real harm to humans, so exterminators won't usually do anything to prevent them.

Also, cicadas are important for the ecosystem because when their bodies decompose they add vital nutrients to the soil. Cicadas are also a valuable food source for nearly every living animal, including humans.

Yes, I said humans.

Brood X Cicadas Emerge After 17 Years Underground
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Is It Safe to Eat Cicadas?

Yes, it is safe for humans to eat cicadas, (unless you have a shellfish allergy). They are even considered a delicacy in some parts of the world like Thailand. According to the Food Network;

Cicadas have a nutty flavor and shrimp-like quality. They can be cooked like you would cook seafood.

You can sauté them or deep fry them. Recipes that can be found using cicadas include soups, cupcakes and cocktails.

Oh heck no! Cupcakes and cocktails? Yuck!

I know the price of groceries is outrageous these days, but I draw the line at eating insects!

If you would like to make a feast gathered from your yard this summer, there is actually a cookbook you should check out called "Cicada-licious". It features recipes for cicada dumplings, cicada tacos, even cicada pizza.

(I'm sorry, but I need to go vomit now).

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