Can you actually believe any weather report? Like literally, it's a crapshoot until the weather is actually happening, isn't it? Just the other day I woke up remembering the last weather report I'd read said there'd be ice everywhere as if we lived in a live version of Frozen. Guess what? At 3:40 a.m. when I walked out my door there was NOTHING.

People always react strongly whenever we post about the weather. But why? They should know our articles always come from credible sources? Plus, it's the weather - there's a 50/50 shot it'll be wrong. I'm not saying the meteorologists get it wrong, I'm just saying the weather can suddenly change because #nature.

But, for the sake of this article, how does one avoid fake weather reports? How do you avoid those fearmongering "reports"? It's easy and takes just a few steps.

  1. Be prepared for seasonal emergencies. Have a summer/winter emergency kit in your vehicle, keep your pantry well stocked, and have a flashlight with fresh batteries readily available. It wouldn't hurt to have a battery-powered radio nearby, too.
  2. Avoid weather reports altogether if there's a 70% chance it will raise your anxiety. Just do what I do, an hour before you have to leave wherever you are and look at your phone, tablet, or watch and check the current weather. That's the best indication of what you're going have to deal with. (Even my mom's flip phone has weather on it.)

You're welcome.

[Editors note: Predicting weather is hard, be nice to your local meteorologists. They've got a tough job.]

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