If you want to make a lot of money, get a job in public higher education.

With tuition rates going up at a rate that is much faster than the rate of inflation, it is worth noting how much is being paid to Illinois college and University Presidents and Chancellors.

The Chronicle of Higher Education surveyed hundreds of the nation’s public universities and compiled compensation data on chief executives at 227 state-run institutions.

So, how much do Illinois the state’s public university presidents make?

Here are the Top 5

  • 1. Phyllis Wise, chancellor and vice president | University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Total compensation: $641,392,  Base pay: $512,500
  • 2. Paula Allen-Meares, chancellor : University of Illinois at Chicago Total compensation: $540,644,  Base pay: $411,752
  • 3. Robert A. Easter, president: University of Illinois system Total compensation: $478,892,  Base pay: $450,000
  • 4. John G. Peters, president: Northern Illinois University (Left his job in June 2013), Total compensation: $423,988,  Base pay: $337,491
  • 5. Alvin Bowman, former president: Illinois State University (Left position in May 2013), Total compensation: $420,000, Base pay: $400,000

Salary data for all public employees is a matter of public record.