You would think that a modern and mostly college educated town that houses a world class university could correctly spell it's own name. Not here.

This sign, paid for with taxpayer dollars, was spotted in the City of DeKalb.

The City of DeKalb is known for having one of the highest property tax rates in the State of Illinois. This past week, property owners in the city were shocked when they received their real estate tax bills which showed a DeKalb rate increase of .10 to .28 per $100.00 EAV, an increase of 180% for the city. Residents wondered what all the extra money was going for. It certainly wasn't going toward proof reading.

The sign was put up by the city to mark and electrical box on city property at public parking lot #10, which is near DeKalb's Stagecoach Theatre. Can you tell what is wrong with the sign?

It should be noted that the average department head in the City of DeKalb makes over $100,000 a year in salary. Some, such as the city manager and public works director making in excess of $125,000 a year plus benefits all paid for by taxpayer dollars.

Welcome to "DELKAB"!