A new list came out ranking our 50 states on how business friendly they are.

Soooo, "How business friendly is Illinois?"


Well according NBCChicago, CNBC scored all 50 states to measure how they stacked up to each other in business.

They based the scoring on 10 different areas including "workforce, quality of life, education, cost of living, infrastructure and more."

Of course one of those "categories was "business friendliness," which measures regulation and litigation in the state - grading each on the "freedom their legal and regulatory frameworks provide for business."

The scores found that number one state for business friendliness is New Hampshire followed by South Dakota.

Ok so if those are #1 and #2, where did Illinois fall?

Umm, are you ready for this?

Illinois placed at #47. Ugh! 47th place. We tied with Hawaii. If it makes you feel better Illinois was higher than California and West Virginia.

Oh and by the way Wisconsin you did much better than Illinois. You took 25th place.

How embarrassing for Illinois. We're practically at the bottom and Wisconsin is right in the middle of the pack. Sheesh!




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