It's about time! Ticket quotas my now by history in Illinois. Finally, there is legislation that would ban Illinois police departments from issuing quotas on tickets. The bill has been approved in the Illinois Senate.

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The Springfield State Journal-Register is reporting that a bill prevents any law enforcement agency in Illinois from requiring officers to write a certain number of traffic citations within a specific time period. Police officers also couldn't be evaluated on the number of citations they issued.

It was approved last week by a vote of 57-1 vote.

The lone vote against the bill came from Sen. Tim Bivins, a Republican who was once the sheriff in Lee County. He argues the legislation would give certain officers permission to slack off. Mr Bivens represents part of the Q98.5 listening area with offices in Freeport and Dixon.

The measure now heads to the Illinois House where it must be approved and signed into law by Gov Quinn