Hey ladies, are you looking for love?

Maybe you already have your eye on some guy and even been on a date or two.

Before your relationship starts or goes to far, pay attention to what N.F.L. team he likes.

It will tell you what kind of boyfriend he will be.

I'm serious, Elite Daily featured an article that said if you're picking out a boyfriend the football team he roots for will tell you all about what he'll be like.

For instance, if he likes the Bears he will belligerent and bullish. Your relationship with him just can’t be good, it has to have an edge to it. Subtlety is not his strong suit.

If he's a Packers fans, your guy is a simple, low-key, small-town guy, which adds to his charm. He might not be down for going to a club on Friday night, but he’ll watch the sunrise with you.

Hmmm... I'm sensing some biased leanings towards the Packers here. Don't you? I'm not so sure this is an accurate list. I'm pretty sure the guys will have something to say about those descriptions too. However, it is fun to read.

I'm glad I like hockey. I'll just look for a guy who like the Blackhawks.

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