A hot afternoon, a game of baseball, and a beer,  they all go together so nicely on a summer day. You need something to wash down those mustard covered hot dogs, salty pretzels and peanuts. It's gonna cost you a pretty penny for that brew. Some ballparks offer a much better deal than others.

Let's focus on small beer prices. The smallest beers that are sold at ballparks range from 12 ounces to 21 ounces.

Here are the Highest and Lowest Beer Prices at Major League Ballparks according to the Huffington Post


1. Arizona Diamondbacks 14 oz $4.00
2. Cleveland Indians 12 oz $4.00
3. Los Angeles Angels 16 oz $4.50
4. Texas Rangers 16 oz $5.00
5. San Diego Padres 14 oz $5.00


1. Boston Red Sox 12 oz $7.75
2. Chicago Cubs 16 oz $7.75
3. Philadelphia Phillies 21 oz $7.75
4. Minnesota Twins 20 oz $7.50
5. Atlanta Braves 16 oz $7.25

While the Chicago Cubs landed at #2 on the most expensive list, the Chicago White Sox landed at #11. The price for a small beer will cost $6.50 for a 16 oz brew. Milwaukee Brewers fans will pay $6.00 for a 16 oz beer, while St Louis fans will only pay $5.00 for a 12 oz beverage.

Check out the entire list here

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