High school yearbook quotes are usually inspirational or funny one-liners. Who knew 23 years ago, a California student would predict the future?

Now before we get ahead of ourselves, the quote predicted that the Cubs would "win" the World Series in 2016. The Cubs haven't won anything yet, but in a week or so, Michael Lee might have made the most incredible sports prediction of all-time.

Before you say it's a photoshop job, the post on Reddit states the photo and quote has "been verified by several people I went to high school with."

There's really no explanation for why Lee picked the Cubs to win it all in 1993. However, I have a few ideas why 2016 was chosen.

  • Lee just saw Back to the Future Part II and thought it would be funny if he predicted the same thing the movie did, however he got the year wrong. The movie says 2015, he made a mistake and said 2016.
  • The 1993 Cubs ended up in 4th place and Lee decided to have some fun at the expense of the lovable losers and said they'd win the World Series in some random year, let's say, 2016?
  • Lee might own a flying DeLorean.

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