If you think it is a good idea to fall asleep with your smart phone next to your head, think again.

According to Huffington Post:

  • 71 percent of individuals sleep with or next to their mobile phone\
  • 3 percent of those people said they sleep with their device in their hand
  • 13 percent have their phone on their bed
  • 55 percent have it close by on their nightstand

After seeing these photos, you might want to think twice about taking your cell phone with you to bed. The New York Police Department recently published graphic photos of cell phones that were placed under pillows.

In the pictures you can see burnt pillow cases, charred bedding and phones that caught on fire. According the NYPD, most of these incidents happened as a result of individuals leaving their phones under pillow while charging. Let's be honest, most people charge their phones while sleeping

It's okay to charge your phone at night on a hard surface such as a night stand, but keep them out of your bed, when you are sleeping.