I'm not sure how you're going to react to this blog, but I'm guessing it'll be either:

"Why am I the last person to know about this????" or "Hey Michaels! You're the last person not doing this!"

That being said, here's goes!

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By doing ONE simple thing, I've found a way to make frozen pizza taste ONE BILLION TIMES better. That's right, A billion! Here's the deal...

We had some leftover pizza from a restaurant that we warming up along with making a frozen pizza.  After a quick side-by-side visual comparison, I noticed that the restaurant pizza had a lot of "green sprinkle spices" of some kind on it while the frozen pizza had none.  I dug around in our spice rack and found a small jar of this...

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Townsquare Media

I sprinkled some of this magic "Italian Spices" potion on the frozen 'za, popped it into the oven and OH MY GOD!  It's the closest I've ever come to knowing exactly how Thomas Edison felt when he invented the lightbulb.  Try it!

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Sprinkle this "Italian Spices" stuff on any frozen pizza before you bake it and watch what happens.

It will taste One. Billion. Times. Better!

Not completely satisfied, I wanted to dig a little deeper.  I wanted to know what secret ingredient is contained in this magic jar? What is it that makes all the difference?  Warning: If you don't want to know, I suggest you stop reading right now.

Still here?  Ok....


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Here's our conversation from earlier: