Here's the number one reason why Rockford needs a Jet's Pizza.

NBC Chicago shares that Jet's Pizza, the Michigan pizza chain with stores all over Chicago and the suburbs, is offering an awesome summertime deal this month.

Anytime the thermometer hits 90 degrees they will offer their pies for half off.

Yep, you get a hot pizza for half price when you order online and use the Code: HOT50.

Wow! That's an awesome deal with a great price.

I mean who wants to slave over a hot stove or grill when it's sweltering out? I certainly don't.

When you have the option to order a pizza that you didn't have to make or heat up your kitchen to bake it and get it a half the price that's fantastic. Who wouldn't want to get in on this?

Now you see why I said Rockford needs a Jet Pizza.

I wonder if any of our favorite pizza places here in Rockford would offer a deal like this?

That really would be great!


Here's a little background on why Jet's Pizzas are so great and again another reason, we'll say #2, why Rockford needs one.



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