The second somebody gains access to my Google search history it's over. I'm seriously ashamed of some of the stuff I've Googled. From dumb questions, to endless take out menus, to random medical issues, my search history is ... interesting.

But it turns out I'm not the only one asking Google some hilarious questions. Zippia revealed each state's most embarrassing Thanksgiving Google search.  I love humans. Let's just look at the map and have a laugh shall we?

Credit Zippia
Credit Zippia

This is one of the funniest things I've seen all year, like, as humans we really need some help.

But let's look at Illinois and Wisconsin ...

Illinois- Turkey Or Ham

Honestly, pretty normal for a Thanksgiving day search. However, Wisconsin's, not so normal.

Wisconsin- What Does It Mean If Your Poop Is Green

Um .... you good Wisconsin?

But WI. wasn't the only one that had me laughing, here's some of my other favorites from around the country -

Alaska- Divorce Lawyer

Arizona- Is Little Caesars Open Today

California- Racist Grandma

Idaho- Divorce

Indiana- How To Unclog A Toilet Without A Plunger

Louisiana- Racist Family

Maine- Clogged Toilet

Michigan- How To Treat Food Poisoning

Montana- How To Cough

New York- Leather

North Dakota- Taco Bell Near Me

South Dakota- Betrayal

Wyoming- Is Mcdonalds Open

Honestly, nothing sums up Thanksgiving better than these Google searches. Some states are definitely more embarrassing than others though. I think Wisconsin's is the worst. I mean, come on, what's turning your poop green Wisconsin? I have a lot of questions.

So just remember when you go to Google, there's no shame in your search history game. Unless an article like this picks it up for "research".

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