No words are truer today than "Thank God It's Friday" today, especially if you stayed up to watch the Cubs game last night.

Here's how you can tell who's a real Cub fan and who's a bandwagon fan.

If they stayed up till the very end to see the Cubs win. They're a real fan.

If they're guzzling coffee like it's going out of style (because of staying up until the end). They're a real fan.

If they wore all they're lucky Cubs gear,  turned their hat backward or inside out watching that crazy game until the end. No doubt they're a real fan.

If they're wearing Cubs gear and extremely irritable today. Yup! They're a real fan.

If they have eyes of death, dark circles, bags and look like a zombie today, they're a fan.

So how do you spot a bandwagon fan?

If they're bright-eyed and perky today. They didn't stay up to the end.

If they got enough sleep last night. Yeah..."Bandwagon-er."

If you hear the words uttered. I figured they'd turn it around and I needed sleep. They're a bandwagon fan.

Or they say, well if it was last year of course I would have stayed up but I didn't worry about the final score. I'd catch it in the morning.

Are you kidding me? Thursday nights are my TV binge night. Come on It's T.G.I.T (Thank God it's Thursday on ABC) I gotta watch Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder.

Now that we've got who's a real fan and who isn't, I need to ask a question.....

Which one are you?



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