So you think you missed out on the best holiday bargains  because you've been procrastinating on your Christmas shopping? Fear Not! there are still plenty of bargains to be had, depending on what you are shopping for. According to shopping blogger Kyle James, if you still have a lot of shopping to do, you are in luck -- the best days to do your shopping are still to come and timing is everything

Some important dates to remember if you want to save money. Let's start with the obvious: Toys!

December 16th is the best day to purchase toys..

This date falls on a Wednesday this year. Last year we saw the absolute best prices and coupons for toys on December 16th.

If you missed out on those Black Friday "no name" big screen TV bargain televisions wait until Dec. 11-13.

If you’re not buying a new TV for yourself, then you’ll want to wait until late January, early February, when new models are released and last season’s models have their prices severely slashed. But if you’re buying a TV as a gift, be sure to check out deals between December 11th and the 13th

Here are some important dates for the best sales for the rest of 2015:

  • Dec 10: Exercise and Fitness Equipment
  • Dec 14-17: PS4 & Xbox One Systems
  • Dec 15: Laptops and Computers
  • Dec 16: Christmas Toys
  • Dec 16: Tools and Hardware
  • Dec 18: winter apparel, clothing, shoes or accessories. (Dick’s, Reebok Store, Under Armour, and Puma Store have already announced they will offer free shipping on that date)
  • Dec 18: Kitchen Equipment

You can check out James' "Rather Be Shopping" Blog HERE