When I read the news about the shooting that took place at The Cedar Inn in Cedarville, IL early Sunday morning, my stomach immediately dropped.

My heart broke for the families and friends of the two men that were killed and the one that was injured, but I was also filled with fear....a member of the Q98.5 crew DJ's at the Cedar Inn on Saturday nights, so I immediately started to panic.

I grabbed my phone and thank God, found out he was safe, but the story he then told me about the shooting sickened me to the core. How can a social media feud result in the death of two men and severe injuries to another?!?  I literally cannot wrap my head around it, and I'm terrified that this is the way the world is now.

The only thing that I do know is that the family and friends of 35-year-old Kyle Tucker, 36-year-old Shaun Bradbury, and 35-year-old Michael Steinhauser need all the love and support this community can provide.

If you know the families of Kyle Tucker and Shaun Bradbury, please comfort them and help them through the unimaginable grief they are enduring.

If you know Michael Steinhauser, please lift him up in healing and prayer.

If you don't know these men or these families personally, let's team up to ease some of their worries by providing the money for funeral arrangements, and in Michael Steinhauser's case, for medical treatments and recovery.

Each man has his own GoFundMe campaign, so please consider giving something to each one of them:

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