Little Big Town have selected "Happy People" as the second single from their newest studio album, The Breaker. Readers can press play above to hear the tune, which will officially be going for adds at country radio on April 3.

"Happy People" is The Breaker's lead track; it was written by Lori McKenna and Hailey Whitters. The song is light and airy, held together by a steady beat and a simple guitar melody; simultaneously, it's slightly pop and slightly folk.

"Happy people don't cheat / Happy people don't lie / They don't judge or hold a grudge / And don't criticize / Happy people don't hate / Happy people don't steal," Little Big Town sing in the first verse of "Happy People." The song's second verse is similar, while the chorus states, "If you wanna know the secret / Can't buy it, gotta make it / You ain't ever gonna be it without takin' someone else's away / Never take it for granted / You don't have to understand it / Here's to whatever puts a smile on your face / Whatever makes you happy."

"Happy People" concludes: "Well, life is short / And love is rare / And we all deserve to be happy while we're here."

Following Little Big Town's pop-infused, Pharrell-produced disc Wanderlust, The Breaker returns the quartet to a country sound, but continues to explore new corners of their music.

“Every record has a life of its own, a personality of its own. And this one really has its own personality, too,” Phillip Sweet says of The Breaker. “I think we went in this time with even more confidence and an idea to push ourselves even further. I feel like the music has a feeling of, it feels good. There’s a lot of feel-good stuff on this record.”

"Happy People" -- and all of The Breaker -- is available for download on iTunes.

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