This past week as I was taking many trips to and from Rockford Memorial Hospital to visit with my Dad, I got to thinking about how I could keep myself healthy.

Then I found these health tips from the top doctors.Fitness Magazine asked top doctors from around the country their tips on on how to stay healthy.

Here's a few that I found helpful:

Beat Burnout - Get serious about leisure time. Plan events to have some fun in your life or just take time to do, as I say, nothing. We all need to give ourselves break.

Fight headaches by double fist. No that doesn't mean clenching your fist and punching something. Before your reach for ibuprofen, drink water and something caffeinated. Headaches often are because we are dehydrated. Water hydrates and caffeine cures the ache.

Sleep Easier - Make your bedroom relaxing. Dim the lights at least an hour before you go to bed. Turn off all cell phones, laptops, and the TV.

Stay Sharpe - do crossword puzzles or play games like scrabble. Anything that keeps your mind mentally active.

For more tips click here.

See if these don't make a difference in keeping us healthy.



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