Calling all teachers and those graduating with your teaching degree.

If you're looking for a job Hawaii needs you.

According to this article at ABC7 Chicago, Hawaii is expecting up to 1,600 vacant teaching positions this coming school year.

To deal with this shortage they have been actively recruiting teachers here in the mainland United States to come over to their island to be a teacher. They're looking to fill positions for "special education, secondary mathematics, and secondary science."

The perks of living and working in Hawaii are the weather, hello warm and balmy, beaches and beautiful scenery. Also, Hawaii is known to be "one of the nation's healthiest and happiest states."

However, the downside is that many "teachers who come for positions are often placed in rural schools, and have to grapple with the state's high cost of living."

That's one of the reasons for the high turn over rates for teachers, because the cost of living is much higher on the island than it is here in the states. "According to the Department of Education, about 40 percent of teachers new to Hawaii leave the state's public school district within their first five years of work."

BUT... if you've dreamed to go or even live in Hawaii and you need a job, you could possibly kill two birds with one stone.

Wow! I think this is rather neat. I don't have a teaching degree, but if I did I think it would cool to teach in Hawaii for a year or two. Think of the experiences you would have that no one else would. Think of the stories you could tell.

I know it is quite a distance away from family and friends but if you have an adventurous spirit I could see this turning out favorable for you.

I will tell you, moving away from everything that is familiar and comfortable isn't easy. I've done it. It will seem really hard even frightening at first, but there's a really cool sense of self reliance, confidence and growth you'll get from stepping off that comfortable lead. That I promise is worth more in this life than anything. It's life lessons that no one can take away from you and honestly, many will be in awe of you and your bravery.

Just think about it my teaching friends. You'll know if this is right for you or not.