Coors Light wants to make sure you aren't going thirsty during the age of the Coronavirus. They have started delivering Coors Light to homes.

Every food business in the country at this point has gone to a carryout, drive-thru, or delivery due to the Coronavirus. For other businesses providing different services or goods, it is very hard for them to make money when everyone is basically locked inside and not doing anything. Grocery stores are emptied everyday and it's just a weird moment in time we live in. It's so weird, that Coors Light will deliver beer to your home.

Beer delivered to you at home should have been a thing a long time ago but that's just me! It's only available in major cities or cities with Minibar Delivery, Drizly, or 7-Eleven Delivery.

Hopefully this could make its way to the Quad Cities soon! I'll make you a deal, if you buy me a case of beer, I'll deliver any kind of beer to you.

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