Holy Hill in Wisconsin is the sight of beautiful views and a church rumored to perform true miracles, but legend says it has a dark, haunted side filled with terrifying creatures too.

The Mysteries of Holy Hill

The area of Erin and Hubertus, Wisconsin is home to a breathtakingly gorgeous church called Holy Hill  that hundreds of thousands of people from all over the World flock to each year. Some people come for the miracles, while others come for the hauntings that are rumored to surround this mysterious land.

Holy Hill Basilica, (aka the Church of Miracles), is a working Catholic church with exquisite architectural design and scenic views, but those aren't the only reasons it draws so many visitors.

Wisconsinfrights.com says;

Half a million visitors from around the world make the pilgrimage to Holy Hill every year, many of whom come for healing, and leave their crutches and eyeglasses behind to attest to the land’s strange power.

I think we can all agree that this 300-year-old church and its Scenic Tower would be fascinating to explore, but you might not want to stray far outside it unless you want to encounter bizarre and scary creatures like the "murderous hermit", "Goatman", and "Bearwolf" that some believe roam the woods surrounding it.

The Hauntings of Holy Hill

According to Wisconsin Frights, Holy Hill is also home to a haunted cemetery where many people have experienced paranormal phenomena including;

Photos taken in the cemetery would sometimes be obscured by a thick mist that hadn’t been visible to the eye.

The mist is said to form into the shape of a man, with clearly distinguishable features including the face, eyes, and a beard.

Then, just as quickly as it rolled in, the apparition dissolves into the night air and is gone.

Many people have also reported strange creature sightings in the forests of Holy Hill. Several of these reports involve seeing a dark-colored creature "with a snout like a bear but longer, and big pointy ears like a wolf", aka, Bearwolf.

A narrow road on Holy Hill called Hosback Road is also rumored to be roamed by a half-man, half-goat creature named Goatman that "darts out in front of cars, forcing drivers to swerve and plummet off the side of the road into the forest below".

If you truly want to get a feel for the creepiness that awaits at Wisconsin's Holy Hill, just check out this video from The Wisconsin Files on YouTube...

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