Well, it's official. We have a one year old daughter, and we had an AMAZING time celebrating. Now it's Monday and time to confess. My booty got whipped by a one year old this weekend, and I am exhausted.

Ella's actual birthday was on Saturday, so we started the day with presents, her first pancakes (minus the syrup), and a trip to Anderson Gardens for a stroll and to watch the koi fish.

From there we went to the Nicholas Conservatory and Gardens to see the"Wings of Wonder" Lorikeet exhibit. All three of us loved it! Just a few pieces of advice if you want to check the exhibit out: First, wear a hat (Ella got bird poop on her head and thought it was awesome.) Second, wear long sleeves. I  had mine rolled up, and one of the birds decided to nibble on my arm a little as he waited for the other bird to finish eating the nectar I was holding. Besides those few minor hiccups, it was an awesome experience to be a part of! The Lorikeets are so beautiful, and the exhibit will only be here til November 11. Hurry in and check it out!

The day ended with a bike ride along the Sinnissippi Bike Path, and Ella's very first Sugar Jones cupcake. I think she too is now a Sugar Jones addict.

Sunday was birthday party day, and I was so excited! I have always loved dalmatians, dalmatian spots, and Disney's '101 Dalmatians,' so we gave Ella the party her Mommy always wanted.

When Ella was first born and would cry a lot, my brother used to refer to as "CruElla." It was a clever nickname, and caused a light bulb to go off in my head. So, I have pretty much had her first birthday party planned since week one. Literally. Thanks for the inspiration, Kyle.

It was such a great weekend celebrating the love of our lives, so I thought I would share a few pictures.

Happy Birthday sweet, CruElla. Mommy and Daddy love you so.