It's here! Halloween fun is upon us. If you have children, you are busy with costumes, decorations, parties and trick or treat door bells.  For the rest of us who just want to enjoy a scary movie of TV show, this is for you.


Today is the day. Halloween fun everywhere. If you are single, alone, or just want to chill out to a scary movie with the lights off, this list from TV Guide is for you.

Thomas Lohnes, Getty Images

Halloween movie marathons, Freddy Kruger, Michael Meyers, Jason, the evil villains are here.

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If you're like me, you'll probably wimp out and watch 'Most Terrifying Places in America on The Travel Channel, or Halloween episodes of Disney Channel which are about my speed when it comes to terror.

See the complete TV GUIDE LIST HERE and start eating all that left over Halloween candy.