No matter how crazy the world gets , there is one thing that will also ring true. A man being polite to a lady. Also known as 'chivalry', or being a gentleman, is still desired and appreciated by a lady. Here are nine true polite gifts a man can give a lady every day of the year without even trying.


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According to Elite Daily, here are nine acts of chivalry.

1. Opening doors

2. Saving the last bite of food

3. Spending time with your family

4. Suffering through a girly movie

5. Sending flowers

6. Walking on the outside of the sidewalk

7. Kissing your forehead

8. Filling up your gas tank

9. Putting your jacket on

Women are fully capable of putting their own jackets on, but it’s not a question of ability. It’s gentlemanly and kind for someone to hold out a jacket for a lady or offer them yours when it’s cold.

These are little ways men can show they care everyday and the best part is....It comes from the heart and doesn't cost a thing.

Chivalry is not dead.