In an attempt to draw more attention to Green Bay, Wisconsin's downtown area, Mayor Jim Schmitt is kicking off the city's New Year's festivities with a lucky llama. Seriously.

According to the Green Bay Press Gazette;

Legend has it that a certain llama born at the turn of the new century and possessing a remarkably calming aura will bring blessings and good fortune on all who see it on New Year’s Eve.

At least that is the tale being told by Mayor Schmitt, which is why they have secured a llama named Abstract from KeLe Aplacas of Kewaunee, Illinois to kick off and draw attention to this year's special New Year's celebration.

Apparently, Abstract the llama will wear a New Year sash and march across the Ray Nitschke Memorial Bridge around 8:45 p.m. on Thursday night. The llama crossing will then be followed by a 10 minute fireworks show over the Fox River.

Mayor Schmitt says the city is very excited for this year's event, and their hope is that Green Bay will own the lucky llama just like New York owns the ball drop.

Anyone else think is just a very ingenious and unique way to bring some extra luck to the final weeks of the Green Bay Packer's football season?