A Texas woman recently found more than the usual healthy granola when she unwrapped her granola bar. You won't believe what she found.


Texas resident Cynthia Rodriguez of San Antonio said she originally thought she won a prize when she saw the small green baggie with dollar signs on its exterior after she opened her Nature Valley Granola Bar for a snack.

Thinking there was a prize, she called Nature Valley direct and a company representative told her to report the incident to her local police department as soon as possible.

According to CBS Affiliate KENS, San Antonio Police tested the substance and it turned out to be high quality cocaine.

Cynthia Rodriguez is thankful one of her 11 grandchildren, three of whom live at her home, did not find the bag first and thought it was sugar.

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An investigation is ongoing by Police to determine how the cocaine ended up packaged with the snack.

General Mills, the company that owns the Nature Valley brand, denied responsibility in a statement.

As a gesture to Rodriguez for her inconvenience, General Mills gave her several free boxes of Nature Valley bars as well as several other snack products. An investigation is ongoing at the plant as well.

It pays to check out everything you eat these days.