Ok, If you are like me, and you have driven around Rockford, you probably have come across a pothole or two, or fifty. In fact, I have adopted most of them and have given them by names. My new "best buddy" is huge pothole on Mulford that I affectionately call "Godzilla" . Me and my pothole friend come together on a daily basis and I often have some very pointed words for Godzilla when we meet. Enough! I have been lucky so far that I have not sustained any vehicle damage from this blasted potholes, yet.

Unfortunately, not everyone is so fortunate. Many of you have called into my show and told me that you have sustained damage to you car from driving through Rockford and hitting a lot of these potholes. Well the good news is that if you have damage to your vehicle as a result of a pothole you encountered in Rockford, you may be in luck. You may be able to get the city to pay for the damage if the pothole.

The City of Rockford details the process on their website. You can submit a claim by: Telephone or by Fax

All the information you need is HERE.

There are a lot of hoops to go through, but it's worth a try.