This is the perfect excuse to use the phrase - rookie mistake.

If you've never been to a multiple day festival before, you might not know that once you put on the cool wristband you got in the mail, you put it ON. That thing isn't coming off until you cut it off or until you use this fancy trick.

I've used this trick PLENTY of times. I love to keep my wristbands and add them to my shadow box collection.

That box now has double the amount of wristbands and I don't plan on stopping my collection any time soon. But like I said before, if it's your first festival, you might not know how these wristbands work. That's exactly what happened to Tik Tok user Emily Eet. She got her Lollapalooza wristband in the mail and was so excited she put it on.

Well, she put it on on July 8. Lollapalooza doesn't begin until July 29. She's going to have to wear that thing for the entire month of July before she even gets to go to Lolla! To be fair, like she said, it's her first time.

One of my favorite parts of the video is the comment section. It's filled with sympathetic concert goers telling stories of the first time they got a wristband and got a little too excited and put it on early.

The plus side is, the wristband is really cool looking! The down side, if she has any fancy event to go to, it might not go with her outfit.

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