It sounds far-fetched but it could be a thing. It actually existed in Britain for children born from 2002 to 2010, until a recession hit then the idea was scrapped. The goal (I guess) is eliminating financial inequality in the United States. It should probably be noted that parents won't walk out of the hospital with a check after childbirth. Don't plan on making a massive deposit on the way home.

According to the Tribune, the details and political jargon are aplenty so I will keep it simple. It's called a "Baby Bond" and value ranges between $500 and $50,000 depending on the parents' economic status. The money can't be touched by anyone until the child turns eighteen-year-old. And, the idea is for the money to be put towards education, a house, or a new business. But, this isn't set in stone yet so don't go racing for alone time just yet.

Of course, there are nay-sayers and concerned folks. Some are wondering where the money would come from to fund such an idea. The suits and ties in Washington say the money could come from taxes, according to the Trib.

incentives in the tax code, such as the mortgage interest deduction, that mainly go to wealthy families who don't need the money.

If you're considering reproducing for the sake of money for your child I'd stick to just practicing for now until something is "official."

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