As I sit here and write this, I am super ashamed of myself.

This past weekend marked my 20th Country Thunder, and in twenty years of driving back and forth from Twin Lakes, I have totally missed that there is a gorgeous sunflower maze in Hebron that we need to check out.

I have always known that Von Bergen's Country Market existed in Hebron, but this weekend was the first time I really noticed a mass of cars and people there during the summer. I made a mental note to look it up to see what all the hullabaloo was about, and then I noticed several friends sharing pictures of an "awesome", "incredible" and "beautiful" sunflower maze they took their family to this past Hebron, IL.

How have I not known about this before now? Well, 2021 marks the third year Von Bergen's Country Market has hosted their annual Sunflower Festival, and from the sounds of it, it keeps getting better each year!

What Is Von Bergen's Sunflower Festival All About?

A recent post on Von Bergen's Country Market Facebook says;

This year we planted the sunflowers in succession, hoping to get a seamless season with at least 1 maze open at all times! The earlier fields were planted farthest from the entrance, so please keep that in mind on hot weather days or if you are using a wheelchair/stroller. It can be up to a half mile walk. We do have a tractor tram that runs continuously throughout the day to take people to the maze (weather permitting) so feel free to wait for a ride!


Tickets to Von Bergen's Sunflower Festival are $8 for adults and $6 for kids 3 and over Monday through Thursday. Admission prices go up to $12 for adults and $10 for kids 3 and over Friday through Sunday. Tickets can be purchased in advance online to guarantee a spot in the maze, but they can be purchased at the gate too.

One last FYI, Von Bergen's Country Market is also a great place to go to get farm-fresh vegetables, fruit and sweet corn, but they are especially famous for their Pumpkin Festival which begins on September 26 and lasts through October 31st. Better mark that family fun on your calendar right now!

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