If your family is anything like mine, regular stops at Dairy Queen for ice cream is one of our summertime rituals.

Just got done with a soccer game? Let's go to Dairy Queen!

Just spent a long day playing in the sunshine? Let's go to Dairy Queen!

Just got done loading the van full of groceries at Schnucks by the CherryVale Mall and you're sweating? Let's go to Dairy Queen!

You get my point...we like ice cream. I also think you'll agree that the best kind of ice cream is free ice cream, right?

Brace yourselves, my friends, and look at this...

Your entire family (one per person)  can get a free small, vanilla ice cream at Dairy Queen this Wednesday, March 20th.

See you there soon, and let's just hope we don't break the soft serve machines on Wednesday!

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