Talk about separation anxiety.

A man riding a motorcycle in Kanpur, India remained on his hog when a tow truck took it away. Dangerous? Yes. But, hey, at least he kept his helmet on. Safety first, you know.

The incident unfurled after the biker, identified as Mohammad Nouman, wouldn't pay a parking ticket. According to a police spokesman:

The cops then warned him that if he will not pay the fine his motorbike would be towed away and taken to the traffic police lines. The cops chained his bike with the traffic crane and were about to tow the vehicle, Nouman jumped and sat on the bike."

Somewhere along the route, Nouman must've learned his lesson because he eventually relented and agreed to pay the fine.

What is it about motorcycles that bring out the Evel Knievel in them? First, you've got the motorcycle swing and now this. What can possibly be next?

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