I'm going to be real honest with you for a minute. When I hopped on social media Saturday night and read about the shooting that took place at Don Carter Lanes, I was beyond heartbroken and appalled.

Such a senseless act of violence from someone that, as of now, authorities believe has no connection to Rockford, has left us all with so many questions that will probably never get answered. Many people are also criticizing Don Carter Lanes for being open that night, even though the Rockford Police Department has said several times that the business was in full compliance with current COVID mitigations. To the people making those comments I just want to say one thing, STOP. Don Carter Lanes is not to blame for this tragedy...one man from Florida is.

Let's get back to the point of this article, how the Rockford community can help the shooting victims and their families. A fund has been established at Illinois Bank & Trust that the entire Stateline community is encouraged to donate to. Here's how you can do that today according to Don Carter Lanes on Facebook...

A candlelight vigil has also been scheduled for Tuesday, December 29 at 6:30 p.m. at Don Carter Lanes if you would like to go show support.

Lastly let me say this, in times of tragedy the best thing we can do is unite. Unite in support, in prayers. Attacking others only makes a bad situation worse...please remember that.

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