Here we go again another blast of arctic air.

Too cold for the kids to be outside to play.

How about bringing the outdoors inside with these fun indoor winter activities?

Since it's too cold to play in the snow, Inner Child Fun has come up with ten, fun indoors winter activities to keep your kids happy and playing for hours.

Check this out. Your kids can ice skate indoors. All you have to do is rubber band wax paper to their feet and the living room carpet is their rink.

Or how about building a snowman. That is a snowman built with newspaper. Cool.

To see the complete list click here.

The best part about the activities, is that many of the items are already in your house and can be recycled once they're finished being played with.

Now, if you would rather some one else plan the activities and the clean up why not bring your kids to Kidabaloo this Saturday? The cost is only $5 for a day full of activities.

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