There isn't a parent anywhere that doesn't feel some anxiety over school starting. Is it back in the building, virtual or full on homeschool.

There are so many complexities regarding the upcoming school year, chief among them would be our ever-changing minds over what we believe (in any given moment), to be the best decision for our families.

My wife and I would first like to thank all teachers and administrators for their tireless efforts to make sure we options for back to school, even if they aren't what we'd like. There's isn't one single playbook or how-to guide for this mess that WE ARE ALL IN. We have a sophomore who will likely alternate days in school with at-home virtual learning, a 3rd grader who will be in school for only half the day for the first few weeks of school and then possibly in school all day every day. We also have a little girl who is currently scheduled to attend school for the full day, with masks. Ugh.

You start thumbing your way through Facebook looking for someone who shares your opinions and feelings about school during this pandemic, but what you find is something very different. What you end up finding are those who don't share your opinion, and in fact make you feel like you're ridiculous for having the opinion you have.

My friend, Danna, recently shared her fears and frustrations on this subject in a great Facebook post. In the hopes that you can find common ground with her, Danna is a wife, a mother of nine and a business owner.

Danna writes:

I’m still not 💯 sure what we are going to do. I think I have it figured out one day....then I don’t the next. This is an unwritten chapter in all the parenting books. How do we protect our children from a virus that could be deadly, could have long term effects, could be blown out of context, could be worse than originally thought, or could be no harm to children....truth is, none of us know for sure. The information seems to change daily....but do I want MY precious children to be the guinea pigs to figure it out???? I KNOW I’m not the only one that feels this way, so I beg of everyone to keep your opinions and judgment to yourselves!

I’ve seen some of the nicest people (I thought) become something or someone that is just vicious lately. I’ve had to unfriend several people, delete posts, block, etc to stop a war on my page with people I never thought would act that way. We are all scared! Some scared of the virus, some scared of government control, some scared of the unknown....but WE ARE ALL SCARED. I don’t care what your opinions are, and I won’t judge you for the decisions and choices you make for your family. The fact is none of us will know if we’ve under or overreacted probably ever....but I urge you to follow your gut and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. I love you all and truly hope everyone is staying safe in your own way and remember, this too shall pass.

Frustrated Rockton Mom Has Back To School Suggestion We All Need

I’m still not 💯 sure what we are going to do. I think I have it figured out one day....then I don’t the next. This is...

Posted by Danna Roscoe Krischke on Saturday, July 18, 2020

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