Talk about being lit. There's a Christmas pop-up returning to Chicago and it'll make your night out merry and bright. Just remember, alcohol can make you do naughty things to pick your poisons wisely.

What's inside? A ton of Christmas!

  • 3 levels
  • 4 bars
  • Sensational seasonal cocktails
  • Interactive holiday photo experiences,

Save yourself time from endless Google searching for reviews because there are plenty. Most of the guests who left reviews had a great time. These might help you decide if you want tickets to this spectacular experience, Frosty’s A Christmas Pop Up.

Frosty’s A Christmas Pop Up via Facebook
Frosty’s A Christmas Pop Up via Facebook

The detail in the decor is as loved as the drinks and food.

This Christmas bar is a blast! The decorations are beautiful and very festive! The three floors all having many different places where you can take great pictures.

This is a great place even if you're kind of scrooge-ish.

One of the coolest pop-up concepts ever, and I'm not easily satisfied. Not only they've gone ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure Christmas threw up in there, the staff is incredibly nice, respectful, and joyous. They all wear their Christmas spirits like nowhere else in Chicago.

All three levels are decorated in a Christmas theme with detail you can't even imagine. It sounds like an all-around great experience.

Drinks were strong and easy to get. The music was fantastic--a good mix of 90s, techno, pop hits. They even had a snow machine blowing over the dance floor and a creepy dancing elf on a shelf.

There's even a Christmas-themed shot list.

We also had shots from the naught or nice shot list which was a list of strong shots (naughty) and a list of sweeter shots (nice) I thought the naming was cute and we ordered one from each.

Frosty’s A Christmas Pop Up will be opening in November at 809 W Evergreen Avenue in Chicago. You can see more photos, read their FAQ, and buy tickets here.

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