If you drive in Illinois, I'm pretty sure seeing a car on the road without a front license plate is a regular occurrence, or at least it is for me. With so many drivers doing this I've often wondered...is it actually illegal in Illinois to not have a front license plate on your car?

The answer, for the record, is YES.

License Plate Laws in Illinois

In Illinois, it is a legal requirement to have a front license plate on your vehicle at all times while driving. If you get caught without one you will be issued a traffic violation, and required to pay a fine ranging from $50 to $200.


Why Is Having a Front License Plate So Important?

Simply put, the State of Illinois gives us two license plates at registration for a reason. Here are 3 of the most important reasons:

  • Law Enforcement Identification: Having a front license plate helps law enforcement officers identify vehicles. If a vehicle is involved in a crime, the front license plate provides an easy way for police to identify the vehicle and its owner. Without a front license plate, identifying a vehicle becomes harder which in turn makes it harder for police to solve crimes.
  • Safety Issues: It's a proven fact that front license plates improve safety. Not only do they make your car more noticeable to other drivers at night, but they also help first responders easily identify a vehicle in the case of an accident or emergency.
  • Compliance with Other States: Several other states in the US require front license plates, and not having one in Illinois could result in a violation of the law in those states too.

Besides requiring two registered license plates to be on every car, the State of Illinois also mandates what those plates can and cannot say too...

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