This is for someone who owns a massive truck with tires taller than a five-year-old child. Just because you're truck is a beast doesn't mean you can get through anything and this is proof.

There's 20-something of snow sitting in most yards and fields, factor in snowdrifts, and some areas have three or four feet of snow. This is the case for north of Shabbona, Illinois, south of Dekalb and Rochelle, where there were heavy snowdrifts in some areas.

(Fun fact, Shabbona is named after Potawatomi Chief Shab-eh-nay who settles arguments between other tribes as well as worked to make peace between American Indians and white settlers, according to the village's website.)

Some of these snowdrifts near Shabbona are so big only a monster truck could drive through them, even then it could be up for debate when you see photos shared by a locomotive engineer at Union Pacific Railroad.

Ronald Neimeyer
Ronald Neimeyer, Facebook

I have finally had enough of this winter. Train got stuck in the snow north of Shabbona today. Got off the locomotive and sunk up to my waist.

Ronald Neimeyer, Facebook
Ronald Neimeyer, Facebook

It may seem like I'm heckling truck owners because I am, but only because I'm envious of most of the new trucks on the road. But, let this be a reminder that just because your vehicle is the biggest on the street doesn't mean it can get through everything in its path.

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