If you like to save time and money freezing your food is a big life saver.

Although, I only have my refrigerator freezer you will still find plenty of items in there that I freeze. For instance tacos (from the Baked Taco Recipe I posted), a loaf of bread, chili, strawberries, etc...

Did you know you can freeze potato chips and crackers?

Really you can!Take a look at this list of the "12 Foods you didn't know you can freeze".

Here's a few items I've done or thought were interesting to freeze.

Milk - I've done it and it works. You will notice when it freezes it looks sort of yellow but once it thaws it looks normal. If you have a family stocking up on milk would be a huge money saver.

Chips and Crackers - This would be great to stock up on when planning  for parties and family gatherings.

Fresh Herbs - Freezing those in ice cube trays is a smart idea too.

Hmmm, I think I need a bigger freezer. There are so many good ideas here.