Since November my family has been thoroughly enjoying the free Disney+ subscription we got from Verizon. My kids LOVE watching everything on it, and we've had zero complaints about the service...until now.

Technically, I'm not complaining yet, but the amount of people I've seen sharing this post on social media today has got me concerned...



Of course I had to grab my phone and check my Verizon bill immediately, and I do not see any additional fees or "Verizon media and app" charges on there. Am I just lucky, or is the above post not legit?

Off to Google and Snopes I went and I found...nothing. Nothing saying this claim is false. Nothing saying it's true. Nothing saying numerous people are complaining about this issue. Nothing in Verizon's fine print about these fees being applied or a possibility.

So, the moral of this story is...if you're enjoying the free 1-year Disney+ subscription from Verizon, keep an extra close eye on your bill...just in case.

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