Sunday, September 12 is National Grandparents Day and the Discovery Center in Rockford is giving all grandparents free admission to enjoy the museum with their grandkids.

I unfortunately lost my grandmother earlier this year. She was an incredible lady and a dear friend. I was lucky enough to be the oldest grandchild, so I was able to spend lots of time with my grandma in the 41 years we were both alive. And being the oldest meant I got the really good years too, when the novelty of grandchildren hadn't worn off yet and there was no one else I had to share attention with.

Was I spoiled by my grandparents? You betcha. Made me the man I am today. But going places with your grandparents was the absolute best. They weren't tired of your crap. You were essentially a perfect child. There was always dessert even if you didn't finish your lunch.

The Discovery Center might be the perfect spot for grandchild/grandparent interaction. There's plenty of room to run around. Kids can burn off some energy. The entire place is legitimately interesting. I personally went there a few months ago when media was invited to come check out a new exhibit. I could have spent hours in there, the rest of my party was silently waiting at the door to leave, while I just "checked one more thing out."

Regular museum admission is $10 per person and free to members and kids ages 1 and younger. Advance online reservations are REQUIRED. Guests can choose from 9:30-Noon or 1-4 PM play sessions. Reservations for free grandparent admission can be made here or by phone at 815-963-6769. All guests 2 and up are required to wear masks over their mouth and nose while in the museum regardless of vaccination status for the health and safety of the unvaccinated children in the museum.

Come make some memories at the Discovery Center, they literally last a lifetime.

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