Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! Franchesco's Ristorante used the mandated COVID-19 closure time to create a new bar and casual dining space in their building that sounds like the perfect place to take the entire family to.

When I say it's a perfect restaurant to take the family too, what I really mean is, it's a restaurant that I won't need to threaten my kids to be on their best behavior at. LOL!

Don't get me wrong, Franchesco's is a wonderful and very welcoming place to go to, but it's a place my husband and I usually save for 'date nights'. Now, let's get back to the point...

WIFR reports;

Benny’s Bar and Grille, a casual counterpart to Franchesco’s, is now open.

Benny’s will occupy the old Franchesco’s bar location, expanding for more space as well as offering more casual eating options. The space was utilized mainly for banquets and special events, being used only a few days a week. Benny’s is a different restaurant from Franchesco’s, but they will share the same building. The Franchesco’s restaurant will not be changed.

So, what's on the menu at Benny's? WREX says;

Benny's serves burgers, salads, pizza and food inspired from around the world

Benny's is open for your dining enjoyment Tuesday through Sunday, and I think this would be the perfect place to go while you celebrate '815 Day' this Saturday!

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