This is a total disgrace to our state. According to the Daily Herald, former State Representative Nick Sauer has been indicted for posting nude photos of two different women on and posting them to a made-up social media account. A Lake County grand jury brought up the charges for this 12 count indictment. Each one of these counts was a felony.

Illinois State Rep Nick Sauer
Illinois General Assembly,

His lawyer stated that Sauer is supposed to be turning himself in on Thursday. The story is that Sauer created a social media account under his ex-girlfriends name and posted her nude photos to get the attention of other men. But it seems there is another victim in this case as well, another woman came forward and contacted the Inspector General.

Sauer was elected back in 2016, and what's crazy is he was part of a Legislative task force on sexual harassment and even co-sponsored legislation to require new sexual harassment training for lawmakers. Obviously, that didn't work. Each one of the indictments can carry up to 3 years of prison. He resigned from office but not soon enough. Looks like Sauer probably won't be getting out anytime soon.

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