For years, Rockford residents have been begging and pleading for a solution to our pothole problem.

Many have even offered up offbeat solutions to the epidemic by filling them with cereal, using them as flower pots, drawing phallic shapes around them, and one man even through a birthday party for his pothole.

Unfortunately, non of those ideas have been considered by the city of Rockford....but, maybe they'd take "Paving for Pizza" into consideration.

According to Yahoo, Domino's pizza will come to our town and fill potholes to keep your pizza safe. Yes, really.

Domino's says they will help "smooth the ride home" for your pizza by making pothole repairs in towns that are nominated by their customers.

The pizza chain is already working with a handful of cities to help repair their potholes and roads.

If you'd like to nominate Rockford, you can do it here. If the Forest City is chosen, Domino's will give our city funds to help repair roads "so pizzas make it home safely.”

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